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Greetings from the Toddy Pond Association.

Here are some of the actvities we are engaged in to protect our pond, and the welfare of the surrounding communities:

• Helping Maine Audobon track the health and productivity of the loon population

• Building and deploying nesting platforms for our loons

• Inspecting boats at the landing in Orland to prevent the introduction of invasive plant species

• Surveying the shoreline for invasive plants

• Monitoring water quality to assess the health of our pond

• Publishing two informative newsletters each year to make people aware of events and
happenings related to the ponds

• Sponsoring speakers on a variety of topics relevant to the regional population

• Educating our communities about issues that affect our lives on Toddy Pond

We hope you enjoy the pond for all it has to offer. We welcome your interest and participation
in the community. If you have questions, would like to receive a complimentary copy of
our newsletter, or would like to find out about getting involved, contact Donna Foster: 667-1319.


Do you have ideas on how to protect the pristine waters of Maine …Would you like to become part of the solution… We would love the help to make everyone’s summer and winter experience on our lakes the best it can be. Please feel free to contact us and let us show you other ways you can help. Whether it is making a financial contribution or donating your time all and any help is welcome
Send inquires to contact@toddypond.org